Public Relations

Raise visibility

Build Your Name Through Social Media

Zolia Social Media

Zolia’s Social Media team effectively communicates your brand’s message with the right audience, on the right channels, at the right time. The team creates narratives that resonate with target audiences and positions them to the world in a way that matters, creating not just name recognition, but trust that generates client acquisition.

Media Relations

Raise visibility for a brand and its narrative, initiatives or campaign through a tailored approach for each client’s social needs, all while keeping the organization top of mind by engaging with audiences and building a community.


Cohesive brand language and coaching for your internal team to ensure consistency, accuracy, professionalism and a coherent brand voice across all social media channels to build an engaged following online.


Engaging with events that matter to an organization’s bottom line, whether it’s B2B, B2C, networking, speaking opportunities, Zolia builds brand loyalty by growing an active  community.

Thought Leadership

Content creation that validates and elevates a brand’s narrative and positions each organization as a leader in their space, while creating rich content that can be applied across all channels.