Tony Zamorano

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tony Zamorano has over 20 years of experience as a strategic, digital, and communications led marketer, focused on creating customized solutions to achieve results for clients. Tony began his career marketing music, including his own, while attending university studying international relations. He proceeded to work internationally, as well as for many international clients, in a wide range of industries including: medicine, technology, travel, real estate, architecture, interior design, public relations, and entertainment.

In 2017 Tony helped launch and build a full-service digital marketing agency from the ground up, where he led the ideation and implementation of 360-degree marketing and advertising campaigns, helping it grow to prominence before his exit to pursue other projects and start ups. He has also led the marketing department for an international PR firm, and operated as a fractional CMO for startups, clinics, and small businesses. 

Throughout his career, Tony oversaw all creative, digital, and traditional marketing operations. Tony possesses a wide array of marketing skills and competencies that make him a complete marketing strategist, able to service almost any client type. He has serviced digital campaigns over the past 15 years with impressive results that drove his clients’ growth forward.