Dana Zamorano

Co-Founder, Owner & Chief Operations Officer

As the COO of Zolia, Dana Zamorano oversees the firm’s operations, budgeting and content strategy, as well as individual departments. Her 15+ years of experience as a creative marketer and events specialist, focused on developing specialized campaigns tailored to a brand’s desired aesthetic. 

Zamorano was previously the head of  Social Media & Paid Advertising at a full-service digital marketing agency, where she led the ideation and implementation of tailored Social Media and advertising campaigns. 

Throughout her career, Dana has always had a way with clients and has shown the ability to lead a team through intelligence, respect for her colleagues and allowing her team to work in a way that suits their needs to maximize team productivity. Dana possesses a wide array of marketing skills and competencies that make her a complete content strategist. For the past decade, Dana has delivered client focused results that has garnered the trust of business leaders in the design, professional services, medical, storage, performing arts, B2B and B2C.

Her areas of expertise include Social Media Content Creation, SEM, Social Media Strategy, Paid Social Media, Programmatic Advertising, Branding, Advanced Reporting and Written Content Creation.

In 2015 she lived in Saitama, Japan with Tony, while she worked in Tokyo for over a year, studying Japanese culture to expand her skill set and helped her become the well-rounded international marketer she is today. Dana leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets and works with immense emotional intelligence, which has created a host of loyal clientele over the years.

Zolia is the brain child of she and her husband Tony Zamorano, named after their beloved Yellow Labrador that taught them how to be dedicated and loving parents.